Small-Scale Armour Small-Scale Armour Abandoned Sherman 1/72 scale Airfix M4 Sherman 117167179 Abandoned Sherman The display base is an old CD covered with air-drying clay and model railway foliage. The culvert pipe is a piece of drinking straw. 117167186 Abandoned Sherman The tall grass in the foreground is made from unraveled twine. 117167185 Abandoned Sherman I used artistic license and exaggerated the size of the entry hole in the side of the tank. I made the power pole out of a bamboo skewer and a couple of matchsticks. 117167187 Tiger 1 Early Version 1/76 scale Airfix Tiger 1 with the early turret. 117167180 Tiger 1 Early Version The display base is an old CD covered with air-drying clay and flocked with model railway "grass". 117167178 Tiger 1 I made the stone wall out of air-drying clay. It's over-scale, but looks cool. 117167188 Tiger 1 117167190 M10 and M4 1/72 scale Armourfast M4 Sherman and the Sherman-based M10 tank destroyer (with a turret cover poorly built from plasticard). 117167181 M10 and M4 Rear view. 117167183 M10 and M4 117167191 Micro German Armour Roughly 1/200 scale German armour (gaming miniatures from the Axis & Allies wargame). I made the paper buildings from printed patterns downloaded on the net. 117167189 Micro German Armour Back view 117167184 Micro German Armour Street-level view 117167182